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There are several ways to get in touch with our team. For operational issues (connectivity, data integrity, availability, etc.), we prefer that a ticket be submitted to the Database group so that we can tract the problem to resolution.

University departments sometimes require data from the enterprise systems and applications supported by EAS. The data requested is used for the needs of unit systems/applications or third party vendors that provide systems/applications run as a service for the University.

Data Services are provided to meet these data needs. The data service request process for data includes the steps of documenting data requirements, EAS consultation with the requester to review details, gaining approval from the Business Data Owner, and then following the standard system development life-cycle: design, develop, test, and deploy the data service. Initiate your Data Services request here.

If the ticket system is unavailable or you are unsure how to submit a ticket to our team, you may email your issue to Please provide as much detail about your issue as possible to help us efficiently assist you in your issue. Upon receiving the email, our team will initiate a ticket on your behalf and you will be emailed the ticket information.

You may also contact Data Management by contacting our front office team at: 848.445.4646
If this is an urgent off-hour request, you may refer to our Primary/Secondary support on our Support Schedule.

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